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Approximately 50 million metric tonnes of e-waste is generated globally each year. This is a significant amount, and it continues to grow as technology advances and more electronic devices are produced and consumed E-waste contains a variety of hazardous materials, including heavy metals, flame retardants, and batteries, and these toxic materials can be released into the environment if they are not properly disposed of, which can potentially contaminate soil and water and pose a risk to human health. A study by the National Environment Agency (NEA) in Singapore:

Tonnes of e-waste was generated in Singapore in 2018

Tonnes is expected to increase by 2030

How can we

Do our part?

At NXT, we understand the importance of sustainability in today’s business world. That’s why we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and helping our customers do the same.

Leasing equipment is not only better for the environment, it is cost-effective as well. You can upgrade to the latest technology without having to make a large upfront investment.

By choosing to lease equipment from our company, you can do your part in sustainability by being part of our circular economy. Devices that are leased via NXT will be collected back at the end of the lease, and refurbished for an extended use or recycled. Recycled precious metals can be used in production for new devices in the future.

Through leasing with NXT, companies can strive towards fulfilling United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

With the help of leasing with NXT, Companies can strive towards fulfilling United Nations Sustainable development goals.

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production – Through leasing, businesses can reduce the constant need of purchasing updated technology and devices.

SDG 13: Climate Action – Leasing your equipment can help lower carbon emissions by extending the lifespan of electronic devices, and recycling the precious metals.

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth – Leasing equipment can be a cost-effective option for businesses, which can help promote economic growth and create jobs.

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